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Each life man part of bargains. It is just the success of how to live and passed on that recognize one from another

Novels of the heart there are no limits to humans to understand life. we are different from another what we do should be unique to be the success.

Life is not about getting everything just you need brain an internet connection and a desktop to earn money

The character can't be created by anyone it should be created by own doing hard work which family are the correct person to show the direction

Book has its knowledge but the book does not have common sense - It is on you what you can do in life you need some common sense

Be that as it may, you can do as much as hard work to be a success in life off chance luck in not everything you need courage and hard work to be a success,

The entire mystery of your life is racing win is not a game learn from losing is a game - Tech GetSet

Being with unperfect is not Life learn new thing with unperfect to perfect in Life - Learn new this is a life that makes your life perfect

Do whatever you want to do don't feel shy and don't think what others are thinking - Do whatever you want to do Steve Jobs

Making money fast in these generations is more what you need is patients and hard work - Warren Buffett

First becoming a philosopher is not good but try to become rich as much as possible - Shahrukh khan

Living anyone in the middle of the road is not a good thing during this world can't be perhaps you love is good but love them very much

Wasting paper can't be good in the future it will harm to your childer - Tear is not good for future

Knowing everything is not good for the life that harms your life because half knowledge is good for your life

It may seem life is the tone of work but work is not there your mind thing like this enjoy your life by working everything year will pass

Keep in Mind, Nobody will tell you the right thing people are a thing your not want to be perfect in life nobody wants to be a success in their life.

A companion is probably the most delightful that make your friends closer and make you be a success in your life