Desi Pubg Memes | 18 Best Desi Pubg Memes | Pubg Memes That Will Keep You Laugh

If you are young then this game is alive in your heart which living this generation as know as player unknowns battlegrounds or Pubg which is the most trending and profitable company in the world within 600 million players in worldwide, Will keep in this mind we had found unique and simple desi pubg memes will make you laugh and stressful free with this best pubg memes.

Best Funniest Desi Memes Make you laugh

When you wash your gill suit with tide plus?

When you were gill suit with tide plus with Jasmin & rose you will get a white suit. Via: Hari Spark

Desi Pubg Memes will keep you Laugh

When you camping, and bot reveals your location!

When you camping, and a bot reveals your location and enemy starting a fire you are best desi pubg memes. Via: Adaamddj

How BOTS try to hide with you?

how bots try to hide Himself when we go to kill them like they are hiding and we don't see them

Some Famous PUBG Characters haircut?

Some guys how to follow there cutting with pubg characters desi memes. Via: Whateveryouthink

When Your AIM is so bad

When your aim is so bad even your enemy is disappointed with you when you shot him is a sniper Via: 9gag

PUBG Pro player who doesn't miss their enemy
While playing pubg your phone's battery is dead and you are seating at top of the plywood to play her are one of the best players in India. Viadivyamrajput16

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When Your Teammate gets knocked while playing pubg outside the zone

when your teammate gets knocked outside the zone and he tells you to review but you start running away from him.

How to STOP a car?

How to stop a car some extraordinary Indian kid's reaction in pubg memes. Viamakadiaa

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Creating a new account in PUBG

When you create your first pubg account you looking like noob characters. Vializc864

Smoking kills in real life and smoke saves in PUBG

when you are smoking in India but it kills you when you use smoking in pubg it helps you funny desi pubg memes. Via: PUBG

When enemies coming to kill your phone start lag
When your internet is slow and the enemy is ahead and coming to kill you and your phone start lagging. Via: matthewleppanen


when in 3 idiots Raju got hurt and he is in hospital amir says that aye Raju Chal pubg Kelthi. Vializc864

Waking Up other in the morning and Pubg Players!

Other when waking up in the morning they are fresh when pubg players with their bad mood. Viadivyamrajput16

Get 5 open boxes in PUBG!

when u got free pubg gifts you are happy when it's visible you start crying. Viamatthewleppanen

when you know there are guys becoming pro in PUBG!

when you know there is the guy around you and start firing you your 100% brain starting running as you don't want risk peaking then you try this position. Viacheezburgerpins

Have you 4x and becoming 16x in PUBG

funniest desi memes of India as 1 have 4x and another 4x ohh this is 16x Best memes I ever saw. Viamatthewleppanen

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Bus with Pubg after 5 years later subg!

When you are playing PUBG and now after 5 years later you are starting selling SUBG. Vializc864

Girls Vs Boys In PUBG

Girls vs boys when playing pubg as boys when boys ask ammo they tell as 5.66 ammo gives to me when girls asking green wali Ammos Dena funniest desi pubg memes. Viadivyamrajput16